Iris 100%

Hi! I am Virginia. I am an avid reader, aficionado of historical fiction, women’s fiction and fantasy stories.

As a person that has been professionally trained in Business and Journalism, I’ve spent many years writing about facts and real, material things. However, I’ve always been passionate about fiction and being transported to fantastic, unreal worlds. Never abandoned by the fiction demons in my head, I pursued fiction writing as a hobby for years, completing many articles and short stories.

In the last few years, I’ve spent my days working for different global corporations, where I’ve had the great opportunity of traveling around the world, meeting many people from very different cultures and gathering amazing life experiences. Many times, these extraordinary people are the inspiration for my characters and plots.

I love blurring real life experiences with fiction and that’s what my first novel, currently in progress, is about. I am also an active member of the Florida Writers Association and enjoy the company of other fellow writers at conferences, workshops and critique groups.

When I’m not working, traveling or writing, I am taking care of my lovely family: my husband, Edwin and my 2 sons, Lucas and Oliver (truth is all these activities overlap each other).

Thanks for reading me and I wish you a happily ever-after!!



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